automated //todo management

Why manage Todos?

Easy Workflow

While working on a feature you notice an unrelated piece of code could be refactored, but you don't want to break your focus and go add the issue to GitHub. With Tododrop, you can annotate quickly in the code, and rest assured that the bit of work will be converted into an issue later.

Track Technical Debt

Todos serve an important role as the first indicator that there are unaddressed concerns with an implementation. Tododrop makes managing these concerns easy giving you a one click solution that converts todos in comments into GitHub issues.

Prevent Laziness

Todos in code are often a crutch to put off doing necessary work. Comments like //TODO: make this better don't belong in a code base. Tododrop fails branches that have unmanaged todos in them so you can get a high level signal that your codebase isn't littered todos.

A Simple Workflow

The Tododrop Bot comments on todos found in pull requests. Buttons in the comment let you manage todos with ease:

Fix in PR
Request that the author implement the suggested todo in this pull request before merging
Create Issue
If the todo was added for something unrelated to the pull request, you can quickly create a new issue to track it
If you really need to keep the todo in the code base, you can choose to ignore. Not recommended.

Fully integrated with GitHub making it easy to spot unmanaged todos. After all todos are removed, the build will pass.

Get rid of those pesky todos


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